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Ayur Herbal Astringent: Skin Toner

Ayur Herbal Astringent

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  • Fragrance
    Aloe vera
  • Serving Size
    500 ml
  • Natural/Ayurvedic Ingredients
    Aloe vera, Camphor and Mint
5 Reviews
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Ayur Herbal Astringent Reviews

Effective And Herbal Astringent...!!!!

Ayur Herbal Astringent claims to contain aloe vera, camphor and mint which provide cooling properties and checks the over-secretion of oil...i have oily skin and after using this astringent my face become oil free and soft....this astringent is very effective as it removes the excess oil and dirt from the skin and make it looks is skin-friendly and does not have any side-effects and it contains herbal comes in a neat bottle which is transparent so that you can check the quantity left...a must have astringent in summers....!!!!!

Keeps One Handy To Remain Forever Refreshed

I always keep ayur's herbal astringent with me all the time as it’s the best thing that can refreshen me up no matter how much hectic my day has been. Firstly, its made from all natural ingredients. Secondly, it has a really pleasant cooling sensation and it keeps the oil away from my skin for hours at stretch.

My Daily Herbal Face Astringent To Remove Oil, Dirt And Give Refreshness & Coolness.

This is my first Ayur product which i have been using for years and it is quite satisfactory.I use it extensively in summers to clean my face and in times of urgency like acne attack.The smell of the astringent is very strong and it work wonders at times on my acne.If your face gets oily and u got no face wash, just use Ayur astringent and you're skin will breath fresh. It is a herbal multipurpose lotion, one can use it as antiseptic for face after or before any facial jobs, remove dirt and oil only leaving freshness & coolness behind and within your pocket also.

Works On My Acne As Well

Ayur Toner and astringents are always kept at home at any time. The astringent actually keeps my skin feeling nice and fresh, and it works well on removing any acne or grease.

One Toner Giving Remarkarable Results.

Ayur Herbal Astringent is simply great for oily skin types and specailly those with acne prone skin. I have an oily skin, so it needs to be cleaned after regular intervals of time and water alone cannot provide with the needed nourishment. I started using this toner around 5 months ago and it has given me amazing results. It gently removes the excess oil making my skin nourished and hydrated and the best part is that is works in curing acne too. I apply the toner on the pimple at the night, and in the morning it is nearly cured. This is one toner that is myskins best friend.

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