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Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Plus Face wash: Face Wash

Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Plus Face wash

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  • Face Wash Type
    Daily Care
  • Active Ingredients
    Sea Mineral Extracts, Blue Lotus Extracts
  • Natural/Ayurvedic Ingredients
3 Reviews
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Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Plus Face wash Reviews

Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse Face Wash: A Good Product, But Nothing Unique

Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse face wash is definitely destressing in nature and provides luminosity to skin. I bought this 100 ml tube at a price of Rs 135 from Jalandhar. After every face wash, I do feel refreshed. The ad says that it is enriched with "Derma Revitalizers". I dont know whether it revitalizes skin, but it does provide your face the freshness required. Question is - Is it unique? Nah, as every other facewash provides that tinge of freshness. I use, patanjali products for face wash and I feel they are better than Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse face wash any day.

Fiama Di Wills Face Wash: Worth It

I would say this is an average face wash. A bit on the expensive side considering that a 50 ml bottle comes at a cost of Rs 80. There are much cheaper options available. However, the first wash actually gave me a pretty clear and bright face. The fragrance is also not very strong. Cool menthol types. The freshness stays on for 2 to 3 hours. Wish it could have been more. I am not sure it has any moisturizing capabilities but my skin was not stretched which may be because of moisturizer but I cannot vouch for the same.

Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Plus Face Wash Is Good For Skin

Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Plus Face wash is good because it retains skins moisture, gives a fresh feeling to skin and does some PH balance. Though this is not a herbal cleanser, but it does its job well. In summers, which has already approached where I stay, the freshness is required and this face wash does give a very emphatic feeling to the face. Unlike other face washes, I did not see any tough beads which sometimes create rashes in skin. It does pamper the facial pores and does a clean deep action on your skin. Use it sparringly as I feel, even a small amount gives a great lather. Well, I like it.

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